If you’ve switched from Windows to OS X you’ll have noticed that one of the most difficult apps to replace is Newsleecher. Newsleecher is the absolute king on the PC when it comes to downloading files from usenet, it’s fast, easy to use and it get’s the job done. A lot of people try solutions like SABnzbd but find them to hard to use, a webinterface is just not good enough for these kind of tasks.

Since about a year or so there’s a new app in the Mac App Store: NZBVortex. This app includes all of the features that makes Newsleecher great to use:

  • Native interface
  • NZB Folder watch
  • Integrated QuickPAR functionality
  • Integrated RAR extraction functionality
  • Integrated Usenet search (SuperSearch)
  • Multi-server support
  • Download using multiple connections
  • RSS automatic download feeds

All of this combined makes it a great app. You can search through the binaries of Usenet and download the NZB file right from within the app. NZBVortex will then automatically add the NZB file to your queue and start the download. After the download is complete it’ll decide wether or not to download and use the PAR repair files. When all of the files are usable again it’ll extract the files in your download folder.