I’ve alread written an article about an alternative for Newsleecher on the Mac, but finding a replacement might not be necessary after all! For years it’s been possible to run Windows applications a Mac by using Crossover, this works great for Newsleecher 3.9 and up.

In order to get this running you’ll need a license for Newsleecher and CrossOver itself. Together they will cost you about fifty bucks.

After you’ve bought, downloaded and installed CrossOver, we can get started. After you’ve installed CrossOver you will see this screen, click on “CrossOver Software Installer”.

After starting the CrossOver Software Installer it’ll show you a list with supported applications. Since Newsleecher is not supported, click on “Install Unsupported Software”. After clicking on continue, select “New Bottle” followed by “Create Bottle and Continue”. You can give this bottle any name you like, click on “Create”. Now we can install Newsleecher by clicking on “Install”.

Now you can open up the Newsleecher installer and CrossOver will disappear. It will let you install the application the same way you would install Newsleecher on a Windows machine. After you’ve completed the installation and activated your version of Newsleecher you can start it. It might win the interface-of-the-year award, but it’s fully functional, including the old SuperSearch that we’re all so familier with.

If you ever want to change something about your Newsleecher installation you can do this in the Bottle that you’ve created. These bottles are located within the following path:

[username]/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/