More and more people are using multiple operating systems on a daily basis. Almost every operating system has its own file system, Windows has NTFS, OS X has HFS+ and Linux systems usually are running on some form of the EXT file system.

When you’re these different operating systems it can be cumbersome to exchange files using a USB stick. FAT only supports files up to 4GB and systems other than Windows can’t write to NTFS. So, how do we solve this annoyance? Well, since a couple of years now you can use the exFAT file system. Windows, OS X and Linux can all write to file volumes formatted to exFAT.

You format your USB sticks to exFAT by using the default Disk Utility in OS X or the Computer Management MMC on Windows systems.

exFAT supports files bigger than 4GB and is optimized for flash drives. Support for it can be found on almost every OS.